As part of our mission to empower homeless individuals to find greater peace and success in their lives, our Board of Directors annually sets one-year goals to help direct Street Soccer Seattle’s growth. These goals give a sense of the new ways we hope to develop as a program over the coming year.


  • To achieve financial sustainability by broadening our funding base to include corporate partners and grants
  • To continue to attract talented staff and volunteers that will improve the organization through their involvement
  • To develop in-house training materials that will inspire and inform good leadership from our new volunteers


  • To take an active role in developing collaboration among Street Soccer programs regionally, especially through participation and interactions with programs near to Seattle


  • To better represent Street Soccer Seattle’s message and mission to the community through the development of new media, including a website and promotional campaign


  • To identify and train an outreach coordinator to strengthen our presence among local service providers and the population we serve
  • To use our team practices to connect 40 young adults annually to our Street Soccer community and the resources and life skills curriculum that we deliver through that community
  • To better serve Seattle women that are experiencing homelessness and to expand our presence at the national tournament to include a co-ed or women’s team
  • To take 8 players the Street Soccer USA Cup

Accountability and Growth

  • To implement the monitoring and self-evaluation procedures established by our national partners at Street Soccer USA in order to measure our impact
  • To use the above evaluations, along with focus groups and additional research, to develop an annual report to hold ourselves accountable to our stakeholders