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Are you staying in shelters, the streets, transitional housing programs, and/or a refugee?

This team is for you!

Questions, have obstacles, or just want to talk first --> message Chris (email, facebook, instagram)

Weekly Soccer & Practice

Thursdays 5:30 - 7 PM

  • Age 18+, all gender identities welcome

  • All skill levels welcome in our supportive team, no experience needed

  • Great space to learn and meet the team

  • We play at University Presbyterian Church's gym

  • Typically practice is in English and Spanish

  • Just show up or email, facebook, or instagram us to confirm we have practice that week

  • If you need shoes or athletic clothing, we can help provide

Arena Game


Tuesday Evenings

  • Weekly games at Arena Sports in their adult indoor league

  • Opportunity to put skills from practice into action and a reward for hard work

  • Free! League fees are covered and all equipment can be provided by Street Soccer Seattle

  • In order to play in games, players must attend practice on Thursdays



Players who have shown commitment to the team and growing in their goals can receive opportunities to travel across the country for tournaments. This could be visiting other partnering Street Soccer Cities or participation in the Street Soccer USA Cup at iconic locations. All player expenses are provided and it is free for players

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