Street Soccer Seattle is soccer for social change. Our mission is to foster the camaraderie, community, and confidence that are central to the sport of soccer to empower homeless individuals to find greater success and peace in their lives.

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Street Soccer Seattle is a non-profit program dedicated to supporting and empowering young adults who have been affected by homelessness. At our core, we organize soccer teams for players from Seattle’s shelters, streets, and transitional housing programs.

We do this because we believe that homelessness is a result of the breakdown of community. Through Soccer, we can foster a powerful community that includes individuals affected by homelessness, coaches, mentors, volunteers, and community partners.  Street Soccer Seattle then uses this team platform to create a training curriculum of job preparation, life skills, and other specialized services, ultimately connecting participants directly to jobs, education, and housing.

SSUSA Cup in Times Square


Once a year we are proud to send a team participate in the Street Soccer USA Cup and represent the city of Seattle. At the Cup, players get to speak up about what they play for and learn what it means to represent their home city to the world.

Ultimately Street Soccer Seattle’s goal is to look at life beyond the national tournament in supporting players toward achieving their goals off the field. By joining our team, players are able to reconnect with their community and form long-lasting bonds with coaches, volunteers, and their teammates. 75% of Street Soccer players nationally complete a rehabilitation program, further their education, gain employment, or find housing within a year of joining our team.



Check out this video from our friends at NEARFAR  to find out what Street Soccer Seattle is all about…